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Sounds complicated. Can I really do this?

You totally can! Normally, this stuff is reserved for mega-nerds, but you'll learn exactly what equipment you need and how to set everything up. High Tech Home makes it possible for anyone to build a professional smart home through a proven, straightforward approach that very few people know about! 💪

What will be covered in HTH courses?

A lot of home automation is just useless party tricks. That's not what HTH is about. We'll focus on the best, most practical solutions that actually help you and your family live a more convenient, comfortable, and safe life. E.g. lighting, audio/video, door locks, cameras, and alarms. In the first course, we'll reintroduce you to your wifi router and build a strong foundation for your future smart home! ✨

What if I'm stuck in a smart home contract right now?

I can't help you get out of your contract - but if it's coming up for renewal - this is your ticket out! Once you have your own system set up, you can actually migrate most (if not all) of your devices over to it. That means you can keep on rolling, but kiss those subscription fees goodbye forever. 😘

How much will it cost to build my own system?

Having your own system avoids subscriptions, contracts, and markups. So, ideally, you'll have zero ongoing cost. Instead, you make an up-front investment in your own equipment (which will pay for itself many times over). To get started, you should budget between $500 - $1,000. Not bad, right? 🤑

Wait. Why are cloud devices bad for privacy?

Tech companies promise you all day long that your data is secure... but breaches are common. For example, Wyze recently released a statement admitting that thousands of their customers were accidentally shown other people's cameras during a system glitch. It's crucial to keep sensitive devices like this out of the cloud, especially if you have cameras INSIDE your home! 😬

Can I still access my smart home while I'm away?

Yes! Having a system that's "not in the cloud" just means that your data stays in your home (not on some tech company's servers). You can still control everything while you're away, it's just that your phone connects directly back to your home. In this way, you'll have the highest level of security possible. 🔒

Who are you and why should I trust you?

Hi, I'm Steve. Nice to meet you! Home automation has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid (X10, anyone?). I used to tinker for days on end - but, as I got older - I got busier... got married, started a career in software, had kids... and suddenly had way less time (and patience) to mess around. I just needed our smart home to work and be easy to maintain. Most importantly, I needed it to be easy for my wife and kids to use. I landed on a solution that we all enjoy, and now I want to share that knowledge with you. 👋